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Trading Agent Professional Edition 2.0

No Image work is practically always monotonous and UNINTERESTING work, especially at Sales representatives... For certain to you has already bothered every day to sit hours with a calendar and the calculator, to consider the working days before closing the invoice, to consider who and how many owe to you both the company... And other UNINTERESTING things! - Put today all this UNINTERESTING work on full the autopilot, and communicate during released time with

OEExplorer 1.1.: Framework for programs that have to work with Outlook Express messages, folders
OEExplorer 1.1.

This program will be useful for delphi developers as framework for their own programs that have to work with Outlook Express (Windows Mail) folders and messages. It allows to make operations with folders and messages using IStoreNamespace and IStoreFolder interfaces. Main features: 1. Work with folders... 2. Work with messages... 3. Receiving notifications about main actions with folders and messages Windows Vista supported

express, folders, messages, outlook, oeapi, msoeapi

Visual Outsource 2.0: Time Tracker for Project base workers, Outsourced workers and Contractors
Visual Outsource 2.0

workers by letting you track the amount of time they work and know when they are clocked in or out. Create a schedule of times for each worker to follow and compare those times to actual time worked. Or work with no schedule at all. Keep track of any programs your contractors use while they are clocked in and see how productive their use of time is while on the clock for you. Plus capture and view regular screen shots of their computer during the

project monitoring, monitor worker, time tracker, outsource, project, time, performance tracker, team tracker, employer, work schedule, schedule, visual outsource, employee

Falco Job Counter 1.1: Puzzled to count your work hours and money? Falco Job Counter makes it easily!
Falco Job Counter 1.1

Puzzled to count your work hours and money? Falco Job Counter makes it easily! Falco Job Counter allows you to count your work hours and money with many customers. You work - Falco Job Counter Counts your money! Easy to use tool to count work hours and money. For freelancers!

job counter, money, counter, freelancer

Twin Folders 4.3: File Synchronizer and Backup utility. Able to access FTP folders.
Twin Folders 4.3

onization utility. If you are working on two different computers - for example a desktop and a notebook, then you need to keep your work files up-to-date at both of them. Perhaps you do not want to even remember what computer you used last, and next time you want to work on either of them. Twin Folders file synchronizer will make the right choice. Run synchronization before or after you use any of your computers and eliminate any concerns. It also

network, windows, desktop, file, directory, folder, synchronize, tool, backup, utility, ftp sync, replication, synchronize files

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Windows Automation Macro Recorder 1.0

one must be say: Gold? diamond? But I think the answer must be time. yes, If you don’t agree with me, just think about: how much money can buy even one microsecond? Do you remember? How many times, You want to play with your family, but you must do some boring work on the computer? How many times,You want to do some creative thinking and work,but you just can`t get off the repetitive work. Do you believe that a software can change this ? Windows

auto input, record replay input, simulate keyboard and mouse, repetitive work, boring work

Hot Keyboard 2.7: Hot Keyboard assumes all your routine work on the computer!
Hot Keyboard 2.7

on everyday monotone work! Hot Keyboard assumes all your repetitive work on the computer! With the help of this program you can greatly speed up your rate of work. And the quality, guaranteed by experienced software developers, and the opening unique possibilities will make your dialogue with a computer easy, natural and pleasant. Pressing hot keys you can launch applications, open folders, favorite web-pages, dial-up connections, quickly change

repetitive strain injury, macro recorder, hot keys, hot keyboard, keyboard macro, perfect keyboard, keyboard, windows cd player, keyboarding programs, ez macro, macro express, macro magic, hotkeyboard

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